Woburn Landfill

September 2017

The Woburn Neighborhood Association (WNA) participated in the final phases of the Woburn Landfill closing and covering. After 15 years of due diligence, the activism efforts of the WNA have paid off. 

After a few years of sitting idle, Mike Raymond (Elected Alderman of Ward 6 in 2007) sponsored a City of Woburn Ordinance that would allow the Landfill to be used as a Solar Farm. On September 8, 2017 the Landfill Solar Array (11,000 panels) opened and is projected to produce 4,349,000 kwh of electricity annually, and generate more than $370,000 a year in savings for the City. 


New England Transrail

January 2018

The Surface Transportation Board is expected to render a decision in January 2018 on the New England Transrail Petition.

Ledges 40b Development

February 2018

On February 6th the Supreme Judicial Court DENIED Woburn's Appellate Review application. This is the END of the City of Woburn's recourse per City Solicitor Ellen Callahan Doucette

January 2018

The City of Woburn has agreed to petition the State Supreme Court to hear arguments on the Board of Appeals decision to proceed with the project.

1071 Main Street Condo Project

January 2018

The Department of Environmental Protection is waiting for the owners of the property to file a Environmental cleanup plan.

New Boston Street Bridge

February 2017

A Mass DOT representative appearing in Woburn City Hall as part of a 25 percent design phase public hearing, explained that state and federal funding for the undertaking is expected to cost between $14 and $17 million dollars, has been secured and is scheduled to be released in 2021.