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View of the Unlined Woburn Landfill Mountain




Who Are We?Updated November 2016


The Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. is a non-profit group of Woburn residents who are concerned about the health, safety and welfare issues that have been uncovered at the unlined Woburn Landfill capping operation.
In 2003 we also became involved with the disposition of the Olin Property on Eames Street. Over the past 10 years we have been opposing the sale of the Olin Property to New England Transrail, LLC


The WNA was formed in October 2001.  A core group of six neighbors started the Association.  Mike Raymond, Chairman, John Ciriello President, Linda Raymond, Secretary, Tim Purcell, Joyce Russis and Charles Vaughn.  We now have over 350 households as registered members of our Association.


In September 2001 a group of neighbors on North Maple Street in Woburn gathered at a home to hear a candidate for Mayor of our city speak about his campaign. He brought to the attention of those present of the reopening of the former dump which had been closed in 1986. Upon hearing and seeing pictures of this site, a group of neighbors decided to take a walk to see for themselves. We were speechless, could not believe what we saw. Medical waste amongst many other wastes including over 150 thousand tons of coal fly ash (known carcinogen)scattered as far as the eye could see.  This site quickly grew from approximately 20 acres, 15 feet high to 39 acres, 85 feet high. The unlined landfill sits on top of an aquifer and is mostly surrounded by wetlands leaching into Halls Brook which enters into the Aberjona River.  Environmental injustice was taking place in our neighborhood and we needed to do something about it.  Through the tireless efforts of the WNA we were able to stop an additional ONE MILLION TONS from being dumped at this site that borders our neighborhood.




WNA has been recognized for outstanding work to protect the residents of Woburn from the dangers of landfill contamination and to increase regional efforts in solid waste issues by Toxic's Action Center of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has." (Margaret Mead)





WNA is also active on the Citizens Advisory Panel in Wilmington. The WNA has three seats on this committee.  The CAP has hired a Technical Advisor, GeoInsight who will be evaluating the water problems in Wilmington concerning sites of Olin Chemical and Maple Meadows Landfill. The East Ditch of Olin Chemical, as stated by the Department of Environmental Protection ( DEP), has contaminants of concern that flow into Halls Brook and continues on into the Aberjona






The Woburn Neighborhood Association in conjunction with the Concerned Citizens Network of Wilmington joined together as the Woburn-Wilmington Collaborative (WWC) to address common issues of environmental injustices in the Woburn/Wilmington area. 


Contamination knows no Boundaries:

Issues of water quality affect us all, and cannot be defined by city lines. WWC addresses the common problems of water, air, and soil contamination.


Goals of Woburn-Wilmington Collaborative 


.  To address regional environmental impacts

.  To help identify adverse health effects due to the environmental impacts

.  To ensure safe drinking water for the communities

   of Woburn and Wilmington

.  To locate and make liable the offending violators: private land owners, companies, cities and towns

.  To educate on issues affecting the health of the environment and the public

.  To make our City of Woburn and Town of Wilmington safe and healthy places to live



The WWC current campaigns are:


1)  Olin Chemical Corporation Site

     Rated as a Tier 1-A Site, worst rating by the DEP. Olin Chemical      
     Listed as a Superfund Site in 2006


2)  New England  Transrail, LLC d/b/a Wilmington/Woburn Railroad  (Olin Site)



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