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The Woburn Neighborhood Association (WNA) is an Environmental group working with Woburn residents to minimize the environmental threat to the health, safety and welfare that will be caused by the proposed 40b Ledges project at 1042 Main Street. 

The WNA is not opposed to subsidized housing. The main reason for our opposition over the past 10 years, is that the site development which includes blasting, on site rock crushing and construction that is expected to run approximately 2 years and the 4-buildings with club-house construction which will take an additional 18 months. These actions are expected to generate over 400,000 cy of material that will be removed from the site. To accomplish this the builder must blast and grind the stone on site and remove the material at the rate of approximately 60 trucks per day. ​ 

The Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. (WNA) was formed in October 2001 by a group of North Woburn residents who were made aware of the environmental disaster happening at the covering of the unlined Woburn Landfill off Merrimac Street. During a walkthrough of the landfill site the group noticed many environmental irregularities. We were speechless and could not believe what we saw. Medical waste among many other wastes including over 150,000 tons of coal fly ash (known carcinogen) scattered as far as the eye could see. Over a six-month period, the landfill site quickly grew from approximately 20 acres, 15 feet high to 39 acres, 85 feet high. The unlined Woburn landfill sits on top of an aquifer and is mostly surrounded by wetlands leaching into Halls Brook which enters into the Aberjona River. Environmental injustice was taking place in our neighborhood and we needed to do something about it. Through the tireless efforts of the WNA we were able to stop an additional ONE MILLION TONS of unspecified materials from being dumped at this site that borders our neighborhoods.

The Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. (WNA) is a non-profit group of Woburn residents who are concerned with the health, safety and welfare issues related to the Environmental Injustice that has been uncovered in our neighborhoods; from projects such as the covering of the unlined Woburn Landfill, the conversion of the Olin Chemical plant on the Woburn/Wilmington line to a Transrail facility, the Ledges 40b housing project at 1042 Main Street, the planned Condominium development at 1071 Main Street, and the re-building of the New Boston Street Bridge on the Woburn/Wilmington line. During the WNA’s 18 years existence there have been up to 350 households as registered members of the Association. 

Over the years, the WNA has been recognized for its environmental activism. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts House of Representatives has awarded the WNA for Outstanding Activism signed by the Speaker of the House and former State Representative Carol Donovan. The WNA has also been recognized for outstanding work to protect the residents of Woburn from the dangers of landfill contamination and to increase efforts in solid waste issues by Toxic’s Action Center of Boston. In 2004 the activist efforts of the WNA were featured in a Parade Magazine Article. The article was read into the Congressional Record by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont. Full text of this story and congressional record can be found in the reports section of this website.

The WNA has opposed the proposed New England Transrail Facility which will be located on the Olin Chemical property site on Eames Street in Wilmington. Since its introduction in 2003, and on several occasions WNA has commented on the ongoing process to the Surface Transportation Board. Our concerns have been and continue to be (a) Transportation and storage of liquefied natural gas, (b) Type of commodities to be trans-loaded, (c) proposed project start date, (d) Side by side Superfund sites, and (e) Environmental Justice. A complete text of the comments can be uploaded from the reports section of our website.

The WNA supports the condominium development at 1071 Main Street. This development will replace an environmental eyesore that has plagued this site for at least 100 years. The property is now in the environmental cleanup phase of construction. The project is being managed by MA Department of Environmental Protection.

The WNA supports the re-building of the New Boston Street Bridge. The bridge will be located on New Boston Street at the Woburn/Wilmington line. The bridge will reduce truck traffic and will also be a vital link between the industrial areas of Woburn and Wilmington.