Ledges Project

February -2019


February 11, 2019 ~ Ledges Meeting Notes

Thanks to all of you who took time away from your busy schedules to attend.


State Representative Rich Haggerty, Woburn Fire Chief Adgate, Alderman at Large Concannon and Tedesco, former Alderman and Chairman Mike Raymond.

Representatives from Allen & Major, Richard Groll Geologist, John Durkin of ONYX, Ken Smith of Main Blasting, Lawyer Paul Haverty of Woburn 38 Development, Steve Lippo from Woburn 38 Development.

Thanks to Tony Fiorello for the use of St. Anthony's Club.

Slide Presentation

A 30 minute slide presentation was given by Ken Smith of Main Blasting. Mike Raymond requested the presentation to be shared on line with residents who were not able to attend. Here is Ken Smith's response: “ Our presentation is meant to provide educational information far beyond what the photos and graphics can convey. This really needs to be done in person.”

Update Work on Site

An excavator is scheduled to be on site this week in preparation to install a 6 foot Chain Link fence and gate on Main Street.

Blasting and Rock Crushing will start around the middle of March.

Blasting Video Survey

Starting next week, if you live within a 500 foot radius of the site a certified notice will be mailed to all owners of potentially affected lots requesting access to units so that a Preconstruction Blasting Video Survey can be taken for insurance purposes. This subcontractor shall coordinate with the developer's engineer team to identify those lots that could be potentially affected by blasting.

If you do not receive a registered letter and believe you are in close proximity to the site you can request to have your home Video Surveyed.

Please Note:

Residents should also take videos of your homes during this time. Reason being just in case the video taken by the contractor happens to be destroyed or missing you will have proof if you have to file a claim.

Abutters List

We have requested the list of abutters. If you do not receive a letter and feel as if you are within the 500' radius let us know and we will check the list.

Woburn Fire Department

Preconstruction surveys by the blasting subcontractor shall serve as record for the project and will be conducted prior to future blasting. All blasting logs to be filed with Woburn Fire Dept. WFD personnel will be on site to monitor all blasting activities, including data from seismographs and blasting logs.

Complaint forms due to Blasting can be submitted to the Woburn Fire Department within 30 days of the complaint.

For Sale Again

As stated by Steve Lippo, representative of Woburn 38 Delvelopment, LLC, 1042 Main Street is on the market again for 5.4 Million Dollars, there is a potential buyer. The construction crew will continue with their blasting and rock crushing to prepare the site for the potential buyer/builder.

Hours of Operation

Blasting times have changed to 10 am and 2 pm Monday through Friday. As stated by John Durkin of ONYX the only work to be done on Saturday's should be the maintenance on their equipment. Trucks should stop working by 3:30 – 4:00 pm each day. Hours of operation now stating 7 am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

Truck Trips

Approximately 60 trucks per day (120 truck trips) x 5 days a week = approximately 600 Truck Trips Per Week. This does not include all of the other construction vehicles and equipment coming and going. The staging of trucks will be behind Jimmy's Gas Station in Wilmington.

Next Meeting

Our plan for the next meeting will be to invite Woburn Fire Chief Adgate and Woburn Police Chief Rufo to answer questions regarding safety concerns of the residents.

January 21, 2019

If you See, Hear or Smell Something, Say Something

If you see something wrong, say something and file a complaint on the Ledges 40B Project at 1042 Main Street. The blasting, rock crushing, truck idling fumes and building construction is projected to last at least 3 years. Due to the size and scope of this project we anticipate there will be a number of complaints on the following community concerns: Silica dust, blasting, traffic, rodents, truck idling, OSHA regulations and DEP regulations as well as concerns of the Altavesta and Linscott Schools and a child daycare in the area.

On January 12, 2019 we launched our Complaint Recording Register form and Complaint Contact List on our Facebook site; Route 38 Santullo Mt and our website; For those who do not have access to a computer, this form is available by contacting Mike Raymond 781-935-2438.

The process is: after a resident files a complaint with the appropriate department, the resident will fill out the Complaint Recording Form. This form is being used as a permanent record of complaints logged against this project. Included with this form is a contact list sorted by kind of complaint, person to contact and their contact information. This list can be found in the Files section of our Facebook page.

We hope resident will read, share information and file complaints. We have given you the tools: contacts, phone numbers, information and a complaint form. As new information becomes available we will continue to update residents. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has”. Margaret Mead

January 7, 2019  

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the more than 150 residents who took time out of their busy schedules to attend a Neighborhood Meeting sponsored by the Woburn Neighborhood Association and Alderman Edward Tedesco to discuss the Ledges 40B construction project. We would also like to thank Alderman Richard Gately and Alderman-at-Large Mike Concanon for their attendance and continued support in our quest to protect the health, safety and welfare for residents directly affected by the project along with all residents of Woburn. We would also like to thank Tony Fiorello for the use of St. Anthony’s Club for our meeting.

This nightmare began in 2006 when a 40B permit was approved by the State for a 9 -acre site located at 1042 Main Street in North Woburn. In 2012 the 40B permit was sold to an out of state developer. Over the next four years, and after hundreds of hours of meetings packed with residents who stated their concerns to the Woburn Board of Appeals (BOA), the board denied the permit. One of the main reasons for the denial was the court was not convinced about the disruption of the health, safety and welfare of the residents from the process to remove over 420,000 cy of crushed rock and fill from the mountain. The developer appealed the decision through the legal process and in November of 2017 the MA Appeals Court ruled in favor of the developer. In a last-ditch effort, the City of Woburn petitioned the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) to reverse the decision. In February of 2018 the SJC denied the request thereby ending the legal process. We would also like to thank Mayor Galvin, City Solicitor Ellen Callahan-Doucette and Woburn Board of Appeals for their support and effort throughout the entire legal process.

The focus of the January 7, 2019 Neighborhood Meeting was to listen to and list the concerns and questions regarding the health, safety and welfare of the residents and present this list to the City of Woburn Department heads prior to issuing the Building permit for the project. After the Department Head meeting, and prior to the issuing of the Building Permit, we will issue guidelines for construction. Along with the guidelines we will issue a list of contacts that the residents can use to report complaints.

The two-part nightmare is estimated to continue for at least the next 3 years; the first two years will be blasting, crushed rock and fill removal of up to 420,000 cy and the remainder of the time will be the construction portion of the project. To act as a resident project information source and forum, we have created a face book page: (Route 38 Santullo MT) to date we have over 200 members. We will also post updates and documents as they happen to our website; If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, you can contact Mike Raymond at or Alderman Edward Tedesco at For those residents who do not use Facebook or email we are developing a new by-monthly newsletter that will be available upon request. Call us at 781-935-2438 to request information by mail. 

Our next meeting will be scheduled after we have compiled the list of guidelines and contacts. I would like to leave you with one final thought: It is a shame that money has replaced humanity and good common sense.

December 2018

Over the next few weeks the builder will be surveying and some site setup work will be performed, including installing haybales and fencing for erosion 

control. According to Alderman Tedesco no permits of any kind have been issued and after the first of the year there will be a meeting of the City of Woburn Department Heads to discuss the project. 

We have requested Alderman Tedesco to schedule a Neighborhood Meeting with the developer to discuss our concerns which are, but not limited to: 

Project Start date; Inspection and documenting of houses in the blasting area; Blasting and Stone Grinding schedule and Truck Traffic impact to our Neighborhoods and Schools. 

All future updates that I receive will be posted to the Ledges Facebook page and the Woburn Neighborhood Association website.  

February 2018;

The SJC denied Woburn's FAR application The HAC’s Decision on Request for Change will be recorded and will function as the comprehensive permit.  In the conclusion thereof, it states that if the Board of Appeals does not issue a decision within 30 days (of the HAC Decision), that HAC decision will be the comprehensive permit.  The Board appealed the decision which does not stay the 30 days.  This matter will not be returning to the Board of Appeals.


City of Woburn

On February 7, 2018 (Email From Ellen Callahan Doucette) " The denial is not unexpected as the SJC grants very few FAR applications. That is the end of the City's recourse. " My advice to the neighbors is that if they build, pay attention."

Moving forward:

Starting this week (February 22, 2018) weekly updates will be posted to our facebook page and to the Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. (WNA) website  The goal of the WNA is to keep residents informed.


David Fionda

In a conversation with John Flaherty,  David Fionda stated that he has a lawyer and will discuss the issue with him. We are waiting for the results of this conversation.

Woburn Neighborhood Association

The Woburn Neighborhood Association will continue to monitor the situation. When a hint of activity starts the WNA will schedule a Neighborhood Meeting to alert and advise the neighbors as to what activity should be reported and who to report the activity to. The WNA will also keep a log of all complaints in case there is further action needed.

Alderman Tedesco:

Alderman Tedesco will act as a conduit between residents and City Departments that are responsible for zoning infractions. He will provide zoning guidelines that will be published on  the WNA Neighborhood Website. The Website will also include who to contact with complaints.


December 2018.

New England Transrail (NET) petitioned the Surface Board to stay their decision on the original warehouse plan. NET has submitted a new warehouse plan to the Town of Wilmington for consideration. We will request a copy of the plan and try to determine its impact on the residents of North Woburn

January 2018

In 2019 The Surface Transportation Board is expected to render a decision on the New New England Transrail Petition to construct a multi-use warehouse an the Olin Chemical site located on the Wilmington-Woburn line.

1071 Main Street Condo Project

February 2019

DEP  Response to Ledges Project Letter


Thank you for informing me of your concerns with the stockpiles at 1071 Main St., as they relate to the proposed development project expected to begin at 1042 Main St.  MassDEP has reached out to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to discuss the 1071 Main St. project and to request their assistance.  Specifically, we are seeking EPA’s assistance to move contaminated soil piles away from property lines abutting residential properties and implementing long-term remedies to control erosion and dust generation from the piles.  These remedies may include lowering the heights of the piles and applying hydroseed or other encapsulant to the piles to prevent erosion and dust generation.  We will also be requesting EPA’s assistance with the cleanup of one residential property where MassDEP has tested and found elevated PCBs in soil.  This property is currently fenced to prevent access to the area of contamination.  We are anticipating that our meeting with EPA will be held next week.  If EPA is unable to assist us, MassDEP will request approval from our headquarters to proceed under our own state contract.    It is MassDEP’s intent to have a soil management plan for the contaminated soil piles at the Site in place by the spring.  

In the meantime, dust generation from the soil piles at the 1071 Main Street site is not expected due to the low winter temperatures causing the topsoil to freeze and harden, as well as the limited vegetation that is present on many of the piles.   The Site remains secure with perimeter fencing.    MassDEP will continue to inspect the site until the soil management plans are implemented.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.  Best Regards, Valerie   

February 2019

Letter of Concern to DEP Regarding Ledges Project

Valerie Thompson

Environmental Analyst, DEP
Good Morning Ms. Thompson,
We have a serious on-going issue here in our Neighborhoods surrounding the 1071 Main Street site in Woburn. 
Are you aware of 1042 Main Street (Route 38) , Woburn 38 Development, LLC - 40B Ledges Project (formerly Santullo) ?  This site is directly across the street from 1071 Main Street.
Starting next month (March) the ONYX Corporation and Maine Drilling & Blasting will start the process of blasting 1042 Main - 9 acre site removing approximately 420,000 cubic yards of material including rock crushing on the site. The blasting schedule is  -  5 days a week -  2 x each day for at least 2 years.
We are extremely concerned about the several contaminated stock piles at 1071 Main Street.  Once they start blasting we fear that the shifts in the ground and vibrations would release particles and chemicals into the air. As if the silica dust isn't enough at 1042 Main we also have these chemicals at 1071 Main to worry about.  First and foremost, the result of blasting at 1042 Main will affect these stockpiles at 1071 Main that are not properly covered.
We have had Neighborhood Meetings and now have over 300 members who share this concern. On behalf of these residents we are reaching out to you to secure 1071 Main Street and to speed up the environmental clean-up process at the 1071 Main Street site.  We believe this is a serious health, safety and welfare issue to our Neighborhoods.  This is our Facebook page:  Route 38 Ledges (Santullo) Mt.
Thank you
Mike & Linda Raymond
January 2019

The Department of Environmental Protection is waiting for the owners of the property to file a Environmental cleanup plan.

New Boston Street Bridge

February 2017

A Mass DOT representative appearing in Woburn City Hall as part of a 25 percent design phase public hearing, explained that state and federal funding for the undertaking is expected to cost between $14 and $17 million dollars, has been secured and is scheduled to be released in 2021.

Woburn Landfill

September 2017

The Woburn Neighborhood Association (WNA) was a active participant in the final phases of the Woburn Landfill Closure and capping. After 15 years of due dilligence the activism efforts of the WNA have paid off.  After a few years of sitting idle, Mike Raymond (elected Alderman of Ward Six in 2007 sponsored a City of Woburn Ordinance that would allow the unused Landfill to be used as a solar farm. On September 8, 2017 the Landfill Solar Array (11,000 panels) opened and is projected to produce 4,349,000 kwh of electricity annually and generate $370,000.00 a year in energy savings for the city.