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March 2012 

At the request of the Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc., in 2002 with the Department of Public Health, the agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) did a study of the possible environmental exposures and a review of cancer incidence in relation to the neighborhoods surronding the unlined Woburn Sanitary Landfill.  On November 26, 2007 the ATSDR finally completed their report.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health has issued the following recommendations:

1) The City of Woburn develop a testing and approval process for all new private wells to ensure that contaminated groundwater from the Woburn Landfill is not consumed in the future as drinking water.

2) If residents living in the vicinity of the Woburn Landfill are using private well water for non-drinking purposes they should follow EPA and MDEP guidance.

3) Woburn Board of Health be availabe to answer questions from residents who have concerns about the source of drinking water in their homes.

4) No futher investiation of cancer in relation to the Woburn Landill at this time, but will continue to monitor cancer incidence in the city of Woburn and notably leukemia among young children.

Based on MDPH's evaluation of the available environmental data, the exposure pathway analysis, and risk factor information related to the cancer types evaluated in their anaylsis, ATSDR would classify the Woburn Landfill site as posing no apparent public health hazard to the public in the past and present.

Since contaminants detected in groundwater at the Woburn Landfill could be drawn into potential future private wells, the Woburn Landfill would pose a public health hazard in the future should wells be installed in contaminated groundwater areas.


The Woburn Neighborhood Association forwarded comments to ATSDR on their report and will publish their response when it becomes available. 


August 2007

The unlined Woburn Landfill capping operation is complete. This is only the beginning. The City of Woburn submitted their final closure and maintenance plan to the Department of Environmental Protection (EPA), and it was approved. The landfill closure has now entered into a new phase with the City of Woburn as being responsible for the continued operation and maintenance of the site, and is in the process of hiring an independent contractor. The City of Woburn has installed a software computer system called “Skater”.  This state of the art system will allow them to monitor the landfill gas collection system remotely from City Hall.

Over the next thirty years the landfill drainage will be tested to insure that no further contaminates enter the Aberjona watershed.  Posted pictures of the landfill site have been added to our web site.

The Woburn Neighborhood Association will be part of the process and will issue status reports as they become available. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in this project, you can contact the Woburn Neighborhood Association at (781) 935-2438 or by mail to 10 North Maple Street, Woburn, MA 01801, or by email at fitwalker1@aol.com

Woburn Neighborhood Association/Aberjona Study Coalition Notice

February 28, 2006

EPA Grants Extension to ASC TAG Grant

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has granted the Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. (ASC) a 2-year extension of their original three year $100,000 double Technical Assistant Grant  (TAG) for the Aberjona River Study, which is part of both the Industri-Plex and Wells G & H Superfund Sites in Woburn, MA.

The Technical Assistant Grant has enabled ASC to hire a Technical Assistant, Cambridge Environmental, Inc. to (1) assist ASC to assimilate the technical information so that they can better afford over 225,000 residents who border the Aberjona River Watershed a comprehensive understanding of the present day risks to human health and the environment the Aberjona River poses from the two Woburn Superfund Sites, and (2) to assure the community that the Aberjona Watershed is and will be safe.

The Board of Directors of the Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. include the Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc., Concerned Citizens Network, Mystic River Watershed Association, Friends of the Upper Mystic Lake, Woburn Residents Environmental Network, and Medford Boat Club. Visit our website www.aberjonastudy.org

At this point in time the EPA has issued their Record of Decision (ROD).  The ROD presents the selected remedial action for both the Industri-Plex and Wells G & H Superfund Sites. The next step in the process will be to develop a detailed remediation plan.


In the spring of 2006, the Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. (ASC) will announce a public meeting schedule to provide updates and share concerns of the communities involved.

EPA Awards Grant

On April 23, 2003 the Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc. as a member of the Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. was awarded a double EPA Technical Assistant Grant (TAG) totaling $100,000. www.epa.gov/ne/pr/2003/jun/030612.html

An additional grant of $1,500 from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund (NEGEF) was also awarded.



The Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. (ASC) is a newly formed coalition of six local community groups:

(1)      Woburn Neighborhood Association, Inc.

        Contact:  Mike Raymond  781-935-2438

(2)    Woburn Residents Environmental Network

        Contact:  Fel Medeiros  781-376-4320

(3)    Medford Boat Club

        Contact:  Martin Fraser  781-395-3116

(4)     Friends of the Upper Mystic Lake

         Contact:  Jan Dolan  781-729-4195

(5)    Mystic River Watershed Association

         Contact:  Nancy Hammett  781-316-3438

(6)    Concerned Citizens Network

         Contact:  Kathy Barry  978- 658-7754

The individual groups are from Arlington, Medford, Wilmington, Winchester and Woburn.

The Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. (ASC) jointly covers the entire Aberjona Watershed and welcomes additional area environmental groups to contact us.The primary goal of the Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc.(ASC) will be to ensure that the future assessment and remediation of two Woburn Superfund sites, the Industri-Plex and Woburn G & H Wells are completed by the responsible parties with effective well-informed input from the affected residents, businesses, and community organizations so as to improve the water quality of the Aberjona River and the Mystic River to fishable and swimable standards as established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), under the Clean Water Act.

The EPA Risk Assessment Study process is expected to take at least three years. The Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. has hired a Technical Advisor, Cambridge Environmental, Inc. to assist in interpreting every phase of the EPA study. The process will start with the EPA issuing a draft Risk Assessment.

The Aberjona Study Coalition, Inc. (ASC) plans to publish a seasonal newsletter which will be available both in paper and electronic format. Other communication plans include a web site www.aberjonastudy.org and informational meetings in the cities and towns represented.

 The New England Grassroots Environment Fund supports and gives voice to community based environmental initiatives throughout the region. They believe that the key to long-term community health is the passion of citizen groups who are activated by a particular local concern. In the case of the Woburn Neighborhood Association, it is the capping operation at the unlined Woburn Landfill. The New England Grassroots Environment Fund was created to support a wide range of environmental actions organized by community groups who are not being reached by traditional founders. They represent the most exciting energy in the environmental movement today.


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